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"Diane Howard has insight and wisdom. She uses her years of experience in Performance, Communication, and Media Studies and academic prowess to help us at and to help many others to redeem the culture. Of all the students who took the HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL) course, Diane has the most incredible ability to grasp and untilize the information to help build a civil society. Diane is a blessing and a friend."
Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher
MOVIEGUIDE(R), Hollywood, CA

"Diane has been the consumate professional since starting to work with her this past year. I work not only with talent but also with films and TV shows as well as major Hollywood events and Diane gives her 110% to everything she is committed to. This is rather important in an industry that lacks committment, trust and integrity."
Howie Simon
New Orleans, LA

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Personal Exclusive Interviews

Dr. Diane Howard is a frontline journalist of depth and breadth, known for exclusive interviews with leading figures in artistic, redemptive media. She has interviewed many leading actors, producers, and writers, as well as directors in top redemptive movies. She focuses on the "big picture," the back story, and the redemptive journey of faith, as well as the remarkable acts of sacrificial, courageous service behind the scenes. Having lived and traveled all over the world, as well as having a depth of scholarship, she brings an historical and universal perspective to her singular interviews.

Dr. Diane Howard has exclusively interviewed many leading producers, writers, directors, as well as actors and more who include: David Qunito, (Prominent Hollywood Attorney, VidAngel Case); Mark Burnett (Producer, “Ben-Hur”); Roma Downey (Exec.Producer, “Ben-Hur,” Actor, “Touched by An Angel” ); Jack Huston (Actor , “Ben-Hur”) ; Nazanin Boniadi (Actor, “Ben-Hur”);  Toby Kebbell (Actor, “Ben-Hur”); Timur Bekmambetov (Director,“Ben-Hur”); Phil NeilsonSecond Unit Director, “Ben-Hur”); Dr. Ted BaehrMOVIEGUIDE®);  Ken Wales Producer,“Captive,” “Amazing Grace ”);  Jennifer Garner (Actor ; “Miracles From Heaven”);  T. D. Jakes (Producer“Miracles From Heaven”) ; Todd Komarnicki (Writer; “Sully”); Caleb Holloway (crew >member from real disasterDeepwater HorizonDolly Parton (Singer/Musician, Actor, Producer ,"Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors"),  Ricky Scroder (Actor“Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors” ); Alyvia Alyn Lind  (Actor , “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors”); Cyrus Nowrasteh (Producer, Writer, Director, “The Young Messiah”); Betsy Nowrasteh,“The Young Messiah”) ; Stephen Kendrick (Producer, “War Room”); Craig Schultz  (Writer/Producer"The  Peanuts Movie"); Steve Martino (Director"The Peanuts Movie"); Karen Abercrombie (Actor,“War Room ”); Priscilla C. Shirer (Actor, Writer, “War Room”); T.C. Stallings (Actor, “War  Room,” “Courageous”); Alena Pitts (Actor, “War Room”); Ben Davies (Actor, “War Room, Courageous”); Andrew Erwin (Producer,"Woodlawn")Kevin Sizemore (Actor"Woodlawn")DeVon Franklin (Actor, Producer, "Woodlawn," “Miracles From Heaven”)Caleb Castille (Actor, "Woodlawn")Kevin Sorbo,( Actor“Hercules,”“God’s Not Dead”…);  Ernie Hudson,(Actor,“Touched By An Angel,” “God’s Not Dead 2”); Bruno Gunn (Actor"The Hunger Games”)George Parra (Producer“Joy”); Martha Williamson , (Producer, Writer“Touched by An Angel,“Signed, Sealed, Delivered”); Sadie Robertson (Actor, “God’s Not Dead 2”);  Mark Henn(Animator, "Moana"); Harry Connick Jr. (Host, “Harry”); David Oyelowo (Actor, Producer, “A United Kingdom”); Kevin and Sam Sorbo (DirectorWriter , “Let There Be Light”); David R White and Andrea Logan White (Producers, Actors, “Case for Christ”); Adam Greaves-Neal (, Actor, “The Young Messiah”); and Pat Boone (Actor, “God's Not Dead 2”).

Other leading producers, writers, actors who have been a part of exclusive interviews on Red Carpets or in one-on-one interviews with Dr. Diane Howard for publications include the following:  Bill Engvall (ActorMOVIEGUIDE® Host); Brian Bird (Producer, Writer, “Captive,” “When Calls the Heart,” “Touched by An Angel”); Don Piper (his story, "90 Minutes in Heaven"); Bobby Batson (Actor"90 Minutes in Heaven"); Connor Corum (Actor, “Heaven is For Real”); Liam Matthews (Actor, “Do You Believe”); Chipo Chung (Actor, “A.D. The Bible Continues”); Eduardo Verástegui (Actor, “Little Boy”); Imani Hakim (Actor, “The Gabby Douglas Story” ) ; David R. White (Actor, ProducerPure Flix);  Andrea Logan (Actor“Do You Believe?); Aaron Burns (Producer, “War Room,” “Beyond the Mask”…); Kristopher Polaha (Actor, “Where Hope Grows”); Erin Krakow (Actor, “When Calls the Heart”);  Pascalle Hutton (Actor, “When Calls the Heart,” “Artic Air”),  Martin Cummins (Actor, “When Calls the Heart”, “The Christmas Shepherd”); Beth Nimmo (Rachel Scott’s Mother, “I’m Not Ashamed.”); Mark Gerson (Philanthropist, L’Chaim African Missionary Prize); Dr. Jon Fielder (African Medical Missionary, President of the African Mission Healthcare Foundation ); Dr. Jason Fader (Winner of L’Chaim African Missionary Surgeon Prize); Dallas Jenkins, (Director, “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”); Alyvia Alyn Lind (Actor, “Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love”); Amy Reid (Writer, “Pocahontas: Dove of Peace”); Anthony Hamilton  (Singer); Kate Linder (Actor, “Faith Hollywood TV”); Tracy Price (Producer, "The Young Messiah," “Stoning of Soraya M.” and more); Mark Fincannon (Actor, Casting Director, “The Blind Side,” “The End of the Spear”, Dr. Del Tackett (Host, “Is Genesis History?”) and Terry Benedict ( Producer, “Hacksaw Ridge”).

Further, Dr. Diane Howard has also recently interviewed the following for publications on Red Carpets and in one-on-one interviews: Senyo Amoaku/ Sammy Aaron (Actor, “Do You Believe”); Stephen Bradley (Producer, Writer, Director, “Noble”); Whitney Goin ( Actor, “Welcome to Inspiration ”);  Britt George  (Actor, “Welcome to Inspiration”); Christy Sutherland (Actor, Singer, “Welcome to Inspiration”); John David Ware (Founder, Director 168 Film Festival); Corbin Bernsen (Producer, Actor, “Rust”), Jackie Carpenter ( Producer, “Stand Your Ground," "The Christian View”); Rachel Hendrix , (Actor, “October Baby”); Shari Rigby (Actor, “October Baby”) John Savage, (Actor, “Touched by an Angel”); Serena Miller (Writer“Love Finds You in Sugarcreek”); Michael Rosander (Actor, “Adrenaline”); Stan E. Hubbard (Producer); Anita Gaffney ( Executive Director, Stratford Festival), Joey Lankford (”Living Hope” Documentary);  Walon Green (Producer, Writer, Director…, Bill ‘O Reilley’s “Killing Jesus”); Erin Bethea (Actor, “Laughing at the Moon”); Drew Waters (Producer, Writer, Director, Actor , “New Life”); Matthew Faraci (Host, “Frankly Faraci”); Devielle Johnson (Actor, “A Time to Dance); Khaneshia 'KJ' Smith (Veteran TV actor, “Queen Sugar”); Sharon Thomas,( Christian Indian Bollywood star); and Jencarlos Canela and Adam Anders (Actor, Producer, The Passion: New Orleans); Evan Sayet (Satirist) ; DR Fraley and Walker Haynes (Professor, Actor, “Hamlet’s Ghost”); Serena Laurel (Actress, Singer-Songwriter, "Bird Song"); Jovan Adepo (Actor, "Fences"); David Batty (Director, "Gospel of Mark"); Lee and Leslie Strobel (authors, actors, "Case for Christ"); Katie Miller (Corporate Communications Manager, “Jonah, on Stage”); Rodney Coe (lead actor, “Jonah on Stage”); Sr. Nancy Dowling (Covenant House, “Red Nose Day”); Jerry Wiles ( President Emeritus, Living Water International); Kyle Thompson (CEO, Catalyst Resource Group); Matthew West (musician, singer-songwriter, author, actor); Kathy Carter (Executive Producer, Reality TV); and Dean Niewholny (CEO Halftime Institute).

Furthermore, Dr. Diane Howard has recently interviewed the following for publications: Paul McCusker (writer, “Adventures in Odyssey,” “Beyond the Mask”…); Eric Le Marque (real life survivor, writer, “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain”); T.C. Stallings (actor, “A Question of Faith”); Darren Moorman (producer, “Same Kind of Different as Me"); Renee Zellweger (actor, Same Kind of Different as Me"); Jon Voight (actor, “Same Kind of Different as Me"); Greg Kinnear (actor, “Same Kind of Different as Me"); Djimon Hounsou (actor, “Same Kind of Different as Me"); Michael Carney (director, “Same Kind of Different as Me"); Ron Hall (writer, “Same Kind of Different as Me"); Tyler Perry (producer, writer, director, actor, “Higher is Waiting”); Stephen Shin (director"On Wings of Eagles"); Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck(leads, writers, speakers"I'll Push You"); Terry Parish (writer, director"I'll Push You"), DanGilroy (director, writer"Roman Israel, Esq."), Denzel Washington (actor"Roman Israel, Esq.");  Carmen Ejogo (actor"Roman Israel, Esq."); Timothy Reckart(director“The Star”); Matthew Faraci(host, writer"Frankly Faraci,” Dove Channel); Todd Lieberman (producer“Wonder”); Pedro Guzman (medic, and real soldiers in “Black Sunday” ambush (“The Long Road Home”); Mark Nutsch and Bob Pennington (real leaders of Special Ops. Force in “12 Strong” depicted by Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon); Eric Wilson (writer of novelization and corresponding book for “Samson”) ; Jon Erwin (producer, director, “I Can Only Imagine” and “Steve McQueen: American Icon”); Patrick Walsh (producer, creator, “Living Biblically”); TC Stallings (actor, "A Question of Faith”); Stephen Chbosky (writer, director, "Wonder") and more.

Press Conference Interviews

“Miracles from Heaven” with actor Jennifer Garner; producers De Von Franklin and T.D. Jakes; Christy Beam and Family

“Ben-Hur” with producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett; actors Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, Rodrigo Santoro, Nazanin Boniadi; director, Timur Bekmambetov; directing crew; costumer, Varvara Avdyushko and more

“Same Kind of Different as Me” with actors Renee Zellweger, Jon Voight, Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou; director, writer, Michael Carney; author, writer Ron Hall

“Boo 2” and “Higher is Waiting” with Tyler Perry

“Roman Israel, Esq.” with Denzel Washington and Dan Gilroy

Red Carpet Interviews

12 Strong

Miracles from Heaven

23rd Annual Movieguide Awards

24th Annual Movieguide Awards

25th Annual Movieguide Awards

On Camera Interviews

Jennifer Garner, “Miracles from Heaven”

Tyler Perry, “Higher is Waiting"

Mark Nutsch and Bob Pennington, Real Special Ops. Leaders, “12 Strong”

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